After defining the exact expectations and results we work together with our clients in a close partnership and with ongoing consultation. Open communication and easy-to-follow processes are important to us. We work with unique and real solutions that are personalized and about the certain project.

Everything we do...


Community involvement is a process. The result: manageable conflicts, inclusion of real demands, transparent execution, cross-sectoral solutions, distributed responsibility, commitment and satisfied participants. Community involvement is a criterion for a responsible future. There are a lot of solutions. Let’s find out which is the most effective way to involve your target group!


For us, organization development is a system-wide approach of how to support organizations and within them teams and individuals to maximize their potential – namely to be able to make long-term values while their commitment and satisfaction rate remains high. Beside the clients we focus on fundraising and service development as well.


Communication is a bridge that allows us to exchange information, to know others’ opinions, to argue, to convince – but the basic principle is always to speak each other’s language both figuratively and literally. We can help you building that bridge between your partners, your members, the public, your co-workers and your volunteers.


Building alliances and partnerships requires hard work but it is not enough to just build them, you need to keep them alive – which also requires a lot of work. If you succeed in creating a confidence-based atmosphere then you can open doors that you have never even dreamed of. Networking is not an unnecessary pastime but an important task and a mechanism that helps decision-making and partnerships.


Fighting climate change and the protection of the environment are very strong statements and yes, it is sometimes a bit of a struggle to go green instead of using the comfortable, pre-designed formulas. But if we do go green then we do something good and through our example we can inspire others to do the same.

...we do along values...

Time- and cost effective

Focus on results and impact

Creative and diverse



...and by defined steps and methodology.


When you talk about surveying, you first need to establish by measurement where you are, what criterions you meet and what your customers and partners need. The analysis can only be about the objective description of the current situation. To do that you need to gather every information that you already have from other sources. If needed you can add your own data and information gathered by a survey. Surveying and the analysis of the situation is not some kind of autonomous work that is independent from everything else – it is in close relationship with the planning process. Thus, surveying is a supportive and establishing work.


During the planning phase we determine with our client the desired goals, the key areas that need development and the methods of work. The action plan comes together by planning a project related to the goals. We build the actions based on already tried methods and we aim to make it cost-effective.


By working together with the organization, we actively participate in the execution process. We continuously monitor and correct the process if needed. Our goal is to execute the plan in a transparent and traceable way so that our client can use the experiences in other processes.


Measuring and evaluating the processes is very important. Our goal is to be able to measure and evaluate the results and the effects of the project during the process. To do that we need to determine the aspects of measure and evaluation during the planning process.