Goodissue team worked on climate and sustainable energy and climate awareness project with international consortium in a number of European funding programmes, including: UIA, IEE, H2020, Erasmus+, Interreg Central, Interreg Danube, Interreg SK-HU, Interreg CRO-HU. Horizon
In addition, I have been involved in Structural Fund applications, mainly in KEHOP, and in international applications /ECF, Norwegian Fund, Visegrad Fund/. We are happy to be a part of your project from the planning and be your partner to lead communication/dissemination and community engagement activities.

Everything we do...


Community involvement is a process. The result: manageable conflicts, inclusion of real demands, transparent execution, cross-sectoral solutions, distributed responsibility, commitment and satisfied participants. Community involvement is a criterion for a responsible future. There are a lot of solutions. Let’s find out which is the most effective way to involve your target group!

Communication and disssemination+

We help sustainability initiatives to spread their messages in unique ways..For us, communication and dissemination is a system-wide approach of how to support the project to maximize their potential impact. 


Communication is a bridge that allows us to exchange information, to know others’ opinions, to argue, to convince – but the basic principle is always to speak each other’s language both figuratively and literally. We can help you building that bridge between your partners who can use and innovate by using your project outcome.


Building alliances and partnerships requires hard work but it is not enough to just build them, you need to keep them alive – which also requires a lot of work. If you succeed in creating a confidence-based atmosphere then you can open doors that you have never even dreamed of. Networking is not an unnecessary pastime but an important task and a mechanism that helps decision-making and partnerships.

Trainings and courses +

we are happy to collaborate with you on developing adult training materials on sustainable topics and we are also your partner to realize the training or the course for various targetgroups. We have experience to provide effective mindset changeing interactive trainings online and offline..

...we do along values...

Time- and cost effective

Focus on results and impact

Creative and diverse



...and by defined steps and methodology.

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