My name is Maria Csikai and I am a non-profit manager. I have worked in various civil organizations in the areas of fundraising, service development and project management in the past 15 years. I have led national and international projects, organized conferences and events while got the funding for the organizations to do those things. You can count on me when you feel overwhelmed by the things you need to do. I can help you with organizing your work, fundraising, developing your services and re-planning your organization.





My name is Zsuzsanna Kiraly, I have an MSc in horticultural engineering. I have worked on environmental issues for more than 15 years. I have experiences in managing national and international projects in the fields of communication, education and research. If you want your social mission to be understood by the people and want your messages to reach your target group in a creative way and if you want them to participate in executing your good issue then work with me.



cili Lohasz


My name is Cili Lohasz, I am a geographer, educator and integral psychological adviser. I have led an international youth organization and I founded a city development organization that works with community programs. In the past 10 years I developed educational materials on the topic of sustainability, I held trainings for corporations, municipalities, civil organizations and educators. You can count on me if you need a methodological material, in facilitating meetings and processes or if you have forgotten how to motivate yourself and others!



JULI Nyari


My name is Juli Nyari, I have worked in communication for the past 30 years. I started as a PR manager at Nészabadság. Since then I tried myself in a lot of things: I was a press secretary, a communication adviser, I had my own PR agency for 11 years then I sat to the other side of the microphone and became a radio host. I trained for pitching numerous civil organizations and social entrepreneurs, I helped developing communication strategies and planning campaigns. As a coach I support personal change and evolvement.





My name is Kristof Szollossy, I am a communication expert. I have worked on the communication of television channels at a PR agency, I have organized events and I have years of experience in the field of project management as well. You can count on me when you need to plan or execute a campaign or if you need external or internal communication materials as well as putting your website in order.